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                Ningbo Cheery Time Magnetics Co.,Ltd  is a strong enterprise alliances, we are mainly specialized in produce the Rare Earth Magnets and Interrelated Magnetic Assemblies (Parts). The annual production capacity of sintered and bonded NdFeB magnets are 800 tons approximately, the Sm-Co magnets is about 30 tons, sintered and cast Al-Ni-Co magnets are near 300 tons, as for the magnetic assemblies, we have sell more than nine hundred thousand pieces per year.
                The enterprise alliances was cartelized by a trade company and amount manufacture factories. the office of trade company is located on the Ningbo that as one of four bigest harbors city, China. The transportation is very convenient and developed.
                Our alliance owned the manufacture factories of NdFeB Magnets, SmCo Magnets and magnetic assemblies in Ningbo. We have the partners of manufacture factories of Alnico magnets and Ferrite(ceramic) magnets neighboring Ningbo.  We as a specialist supplier of permanent magnet components, ferrites magnets, alnico magnets and magnetic solutions to a variety of industries and applications.
                We have been founded a team of scientific research, the engineers have engaged in this field more than 12 years, so we could processes a wide range of high quality permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies, it's will be satisfied any practical requirement in every operating condition. All the products are manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality control system.
                Our experienced technical team are ready to help any interrelated problems.
                We look forward to the opportunity to create a mutually beneficial relationship.
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